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News, updates, and general announcements for members and parents of marching spartans.


Info for parents & guardians, such as payment & chaperone information.


Documents for guardians & members: Handbook, health forms & more.


Google Calendar, listing every rehearsal, performance & event for marching spartans.

More Info

More helpful info for marching spartans families: REMIND App, payments & more.

News & Announcements

News, announcements, and updates for and about the Marching Band family.

To view our full archive of past announcements & updates, please visit the Announcements page.

For Parents & Guardians

Information about fees, alerts, volunteering, and more — stuff for grownups!

Oakmont Marching Band Activity Fees.

Marching Band Activity Fees

All members of the Marching Spartans must pay their Activity Fee through the Oakmont/AWRSD rScrhoolToday website.

Oakmont Marching Band Remind.

“Remind” App

We use Remind to communicate between students, staff, and guardians. ALL STUDENTS are required to sign up.

Additional Guardian Info

Volunteer Opportunities!

Give a lot or a little time…


The band needs chaperones at band camp, after school supervision during the season, and for travel. Click to peruse the typical Chaperone Duties.

Uniform Squad

Works sizing, cleaning, and maintaining the uniforms.  Parents can help out in lots of ways even if they can’t sew!

Pit Crew

A group of helpers who can move equipment, help build props and/or fix things.


Ready to help in a larger way?  There is constant need for leadership roles as families graduate and shadowing is the best training method!


The ensemble needs lots of money to run.  We always need fresh ideas and people to coordinate. Annual fundraisers include: restaurant dates, raffles, corporate donations/match gifts, United Way, concessions, and trailer sponsorship.

While a majority of the profit goes to the organization, some proceeds go into individual student accounts to help with music related fees.


Through the year we have lots of opportunities to get involved with food service; Melody Tent at football games, BBQ’s, ‘pizza slingers’ and we have concessions for concerts as well as Theater at the Mount.

Links & Documents

2023 Fall Marching Band REGISTRATION make sure to have your student nearby as some questions need their input.

2023-2024 Handbook *Includes a first draft of the marching band SCHEDULE, from summer to spring, on the last page! The website calendar will reflect changes as efficiently as possible and you’ll get a weekly PRIDE during the season with more exact information.

Printable 2023 Registration Packet; *Students got a hard copy at the first rehearsal.  Packet includes registration checklist with payment options, health forms, release/handbook acknowledgments, and volunteer forms (CORI-all volunteers & SORI-overnight chaperones for camp).

AWRSD Requirements:

Fingerprinting for all volunteers, instructions are on the HR page of AWRSD.org (scroll down about halfway till you see the red fingerprint header).  This is only required once district wide.

School District Activity Fee- AWRSD now uses “MySchoolBucks” and will email your invoice. This is separate from the OOMPA fees. If you qualify for free and reduced lunch the district fee is waived. 

$$ Worries?

Please connect with an executive board member, or the director, to discuss financial assistance needs to help your student participate PRIOR to the fee due dates.  OOMPA’s number one priority is to make sure every student can participate no matter their financial situation.  OOMPA has some scholarship money available and will do everything we can to support students interested in the program.


OOMPA’s bylaws were last updated Fall 2020

Documents & Forms

Student handbook, health forms, safety forms — all the paperwork!

2020-2021 Marching Spartan Registration Form 

2020- 21 Handbook Marching Band

2020-21 Health, Release & Cori forms (return with copy of last physical)

SORI form– required for overnight chaperones (plus proof of MMR vaccine)

Fingerprint instructions and weblink (only needs to be done once, not annual)

Rehearsal & Performance Calendar

Band camp, rehearsals, competitions, parades — they’re all listed here.

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February 2024

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
  • Select Choir
  • Marching Band Rehearsal (FULL ENSEMBLE)
  • Winter Percussion
  • Jazz Band Rehearsal
  • Winter Percussion
  • Winter Guard (@Oakmont)
  • Winter Percussion
  • Winter Guard (@Overlook)
  • Winter Guard (@Overlook)
  • Select Choir
  • Winter Percussion
  • Jazz Band Rehearsal
  • Winter Percussion
  • Winter Guard (@Oakmont)
  • Winter Percussion
  • Winter Guard (@Overlook)
  • Winter Guard (@Overlook)
  • Select Choir
  • Winter Percussion
  • Jazz Band Rehearsal
  • Winter Percussion
  • Winter Guard (@Oakmont)
  • Winter Percussion
  • Winter Guard (@Overlook)
  • Winter Guard (@Overlook)
  • Jazz Band
  • Jazz Band
  • Winter Percussion
  • Jazz Band Rehearsal
  • Winter Percussion
  • Winter Guard (@Oakmont)
  • Winter Percussion
  • Winter Guard (@Overlook)
  • Marching Band Rehearsal (HL/Perc.)
  • OOMPA Meeting
  • Jazz Band
  • Winter Guard (@Overlook)
  • Select Choir
  • Winter Percussion

More Helpful Info

All the other stuff, like photos & videos of the band & additional helpful info.

Videos & Photos

Each year, we collect photos and videos of rehearsals, performances, and behind-the-scenes moments.


Announcements, documents, and info about the Oakmont-Overlook Marching Spartans.

More Ensembles

Oakmont offers 6 different musical ensembles, several of which are open to 7th & 8th grade Overlook students.

Questions? Get in touch.

If you’re curious about any of the performance ensembles offered by the Oakmont/Overlook music program, please get in touch.