‘Remind’ App

We use Remind to communicate between students, staff, and guardians. All students are required to sign up. Scroll down for the full list of codes. Every ensemble has its own separate Remind. Students should join all groups that apply to them, parents should join the parent group.

‘Remind’ Ensemble Codes

Group Text Code Smartphone URL
Marching MEMBERS (only) @oakmonto rmd.at/oakmonto
Marching PARENTS @oakmontov rmd.at/oakmontov
Winter Percussion @c2f2g7 rmd.at/c2f2g7
Winter Guard @c8kaba rmd.at/c8kaba
Select Choir @mrdemoura rmd.at/mrdemoura
Jazz Band @mrdemour rmd.at/mrdemour
Concert Choir @c1b6e rmd.at/c1b6e
Concert Band @mrdemou rmd.at/mrdemou
Musical @bf6507 rmd.at/bf6507

Oakmont Marching Band Remind: Smartphone.

Join by Smartphone

STUDENTS should join the Marching Band group, by visiting rmd.at/oakmonto on a smartphone or web browser.

You’ll be prompted to install the Remind smartphone app.

For other ensembles and parent group, see the list of codes.

Oakmont Marching Band Remind: Text.

Join by Text Message

STUDENTS join the Marching Band group by text message, text the phrase @oakmonto to 81010.

If 81010 doesn’t work, try (978) 221-2783.

For other ensembles, see the list of codes.