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News, updates, and general announcements for members and parents of the OOMB.


Info for parents & guardians, such as payment & chaperone information.


Documents for guardians & members: Handbook, health forms & more.


Google Calendar, listing every rehearsal, performance & event for the OOMB.

More Info

More helpful info for OOMB families: REMIND App, PayPal payments & more.

News & Announcements

News, announcements, and updates for and about the OOMB family.

Weekly “Pride” Announcements

Pride #7 – Oct 15, 2019: Clean, Clean, Clean

We faced new competition last Saturday— What does that mean? The general impression from all the judges is that all other shows are MUCH cleaner than ours. Cleaner shows are clear to the audience (judges) what you are saying. Though [...]

Other OOMB Updates

Video: NESBA Reading – Oct 26, 2019 – OOMB Marching Spartans

Oakmont-Overlook Marching Band 2019 competition performance in Reading, MA on Saturday, Oct 26, 2019. Final score of 93.12. High caption awards in all captions: GE, music, percussion, visual, and guard. Week 6 of our competition season.

To view our full archive of past announcements & updates, please visit the Announcements page.

For Parents & Guardians

Information about fees, alerts, volunteering, and more — stuff for grownups!

Oakmont Marching Band Activity Fees.

Marching Band Activity Fees

All members of the OOMB must pay their Activity Fee through the Oakmont/AWRSD rScrhoolToday website.

Oakmont Marching Band Remind.

“Remind” App

We use Remind to communicate between students, staff, and guardians. ALL STUDENTS are required to sign up.

Additional Guardian Info

Volunteer Opportunities!

Give a little or a lot of time depending on your schedule!

  • Chaperone- it is expected one adult family member chaperone at least once during each season. The band needs chaperones at band camp, after school Tuesdays/Thursdays during the season and during competitions. Anytime the band travels together there is a need for adult help!
  • Uniform Squad- sizing, cleaning, maintaining, and some sewing.  Parents can help out in lots of ways even if they can’t sew!
  • “Pit Crew” is a group of equipment helpers who load/unload the trailers, and move equipment on/off the field when the band travels and performs.  A lot of times this crew also helps build props or fix things, come help out when you can!
  • Fundraising– the ensemble needs lots of money to run, we always need fresh ideas and people to coordinate fundraisers.
  • OOMPA Board/Chairpersons-There is always a need for leadership!  Every year we have graduating families, if you are interested in a position in the future ask to shadow a current board member this year!



Current annual fundraisers, always open to new ideas!  Most fundraisers share profits between OOMPA and your student account.  This money can be used in future music related fees (camp, fees, etc).  Check with the treasurer for your balance at any time.

  • Theater at the Mount- ongoing year round opportunity, work a shift selling concessions at the local theater *one adult must accompany a student to sign up for a time. Current coordinators are Dianna & Jim Kreidler.
  • Yankee Candle- fall fundraiser, online sales are open Aug-January money goes directly to your student account. Information typically available at band camp.
  • Scratch Ticket Raffle- sell raffle tickets all fall, the winning ticket is drawn at the last home football game of the season.
  • Calendar Raffle– Sell calendars in November, names are drawn for winners each day of December.  Families donate gift cards to fill the prize bank for each day.
  • Amazon– Link your account to Amazon Smile to OOMPA, a small percent of your purchase (as long as your browser is directed to smile.amazon before submitting the order) comes back to the group!
  • United Way- some corporations allow for United Way charity deductions to come from your paycheck and you can have it send to OOMPA!

Documents & Forms

Student handbook, health forms, safety forms — all the paperwork!

Handbook Marching Band 2019-2020

2019-2020 performance calendar (as of 6/2019)

2019-2020 health and release forms (return with copy of last physical)

CORI form- required by all guardians for chaperoning (plus copy of license)

SORI form– required for overnight chaperones (plus proof of MMR vaccine)

Fingerprint instructions and weblink (only needs to be done once, not annual)

Rehearsal & Performance Calendar

Band camp, rehearsals, competitions, parades — they’re all listed here.

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More Helpful Info

All the other stuff, like photos & videos of the band & additional helpful info.

Videos & Photos

Each year, we collect photos and videos of rehearsals, performances, and behind-the-scenes moments.


Announcements, documents, and info about the Oakmont-Overlook Marching Spartans.

Pay with PayPal

OOMB fees can be paid online (and you can donate too!) via PayPal. This page shows you exactly how.

More Ensembles

Oakmont offers 6 different musical ensembles, several of which are open to 7th & 8th grade Overlook students.

Questions? Get in touch.

If you’re curious about any of the performance ensembles offered by the Oakmont/Overlook music program, please get in touch.