Oakmont Winter Concert 2019

It’s that time of year again! Welcome to our Winter Concert 2019.

This year, the winter concert will feature these Oakmont Regional High School ensembles:

The sections below list information about each ensemble and their repertoire. Enjoy!

Concert Choir

Directed by: Mr. Kris S. DeMoura
Accompanist: Mr. Brendan Goodwin


Funga Alafia, Nigerian Folk Song

  • Arranged by Erik Whitehill


  • Words and Music by Dan Smith
  • Arranged by Jacob Narverud
  • Conducted by Mr. Brendan Goodwin

On My Own

  • Music by Claude-Michel Schonberg
  • Lyrics by Alain Boublii, Jean-Marc Natel, Herbert Kretzmer, John Caird, and Trevor Nunn
  • Arranged by Ed Lojeski



  • Sydney Arnold
  • Alicyn Gormley
  • Catherine Henry
  • Eden Koljian
  • Maria Leger
  • Bridie Maclean
  • Eleanor Paine


  • Madyson Aubin
  • Rachel Courtenay
  • Elayna Ferrick
  • Ella Kreidler
  • Shannon Meehan
  • Lindsey Odneal
  • Lillian Phillips
  • Madison Snyder
  • Anna Velardi


  • Sean Harris
  • Jonathon Pack
  • Kalvin Richard
  • Simon Rodriquenz
  • Thomas Therriault
  • Kyle Torrey


Select Choir

Directed by: Mr. Kris S. DeMoura
Accompanist: Mr. Brendan Goodwin


City of Stars

  • Music by Justin Hurwitz
  • Lyrics by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul
  • Arranged by Jay Althouse

A Thousand Years

  • Words and Music by David Hodges and Christina Perry
  • Arranged by Andy Beck



  • Sydney Arnold
  • Hannah Farineau
  • Eden Koljian
  • Mary Mahoney
  • Lily McGuirk
  • Emma Roche


  • Mady Aubin
  • Shannon Meehan
  • Katelyn Murphy
  • Abby Rusak
  • Carson Stiles
  • Olivia Smith
  • Anna Velardi


  • Leopold Charbonneau
  • Creighton DeMoura
  • Charlie Kovaleski
  • James Maloney


  • Jon Pack
  • Kalvin Richard
  • Simon Rodriquenz
  • Oliver Wessels


Concert Band

Directed by: Mr. Kris S. DeMoura


Themes From “Moorside March”

  • by Gustav Holst
  • Arranged by Jim Curnow
  • Conducted by Mr. Brendan Goodwin

On A Hymnsong Of Philip Bliss

  • by David R. Holsinger

At Dawn They Slept

December 7, 1941

  • by Jay Bocook



  • Mary Carpenter
  • Skyla Nolan
  • Emily Paul
  • Olivia Smith


  • Catherine Henry
  • Sophia Koskinen
  • Claire Wittmier

Alto Sax

  • Jonathan Rossignol
  • Samuel Russo

Tenor Sax

  • Kalvin Richard

Baritone Sax

  • Duncan Phyfe


  • Shannon Meehan


  • Krista Brotosky
  • Thaddeus Derby
  • Jack Flannery
  • James Maloney
  • Jonathon Pack
  • Alexandra Rittberg

French Horn

  • Creighton DeMoura
  • Charlie Kovaleski


  • James Curtis


  • Joslyn Wright


  • Simon Rodriquenz


  • Sydney Arnold
  • Madyson Aubin
  • Nicholas Goodchild
  • Mya Hamilton
  • Santino Mei
  • Gabriel Thrailkill
  • Anna Velardi
  • June Whittall

Program Notes

Moorside March

Gustav Holst is considered one of the early advocates for the wind band medium, and as such contributed several works to the wind band repertory. Many of the characteristics heard in Holst’s compositions set him apart from other English composers. His music utilized unconventional time signatures, rising and falling scales, ostinato, bitonality and occasional polytonality. Holst believed that the quality and subject matter heard in the majority of band music in his day was inadequate.

In 1927, Holst was commissioned to write a competition piece for the BBC and the National Brass Band Festival Committee. The resulting piece was A Moorside Suite. Holst’s Moorside Suite is actually not a piece that belongs in the traditional wind repertoire, as it was written for a traditional British brass band comprising of a range of brass and percussion instruments.

The March opens with a rising, four-note motive that makes its way into an energetic theme consisting of six-bar phrases. A second theme, introduced by the alto saxophone, uses standard eight bar-phrases. The grandeur of the trio is similar to the ceremonial marches of Edward Elgar and William Walton.

On A Hymnsong Of Philip Bliss

On A Hymnsong Of Philip Bliss is a radical departure of style for this composer. The frantic tempos, the ebullient rhythms we associate with Holsinger are replaced with a restful, gentle, and reflective composition based on the 1876 Philip Bliss – Horatio Spafford hymn, “It is Well with my Soul”. Written to honor the retiring Principal of Shady Grove Christian Academy, On A Hymnsong Of Philip Bliss was presented as a gift from the SGCA Concert Band to Rev. Steve Edel in May of 1989.

At Dawn They Slept (December 7, 1941)

This musical remembrance pays tribute to fallen heroes of that fateful day at Pearl Harbor that launched our country into World War II. Opening with a peaceful, flowing woodwind melody, the day is heralded in by a lone bugler. Ominous undertones, powerful scoring, dissonant themes and bombastic percussion capture musically the chaos that followed. It’s a powerful musical statement the concludes ultimately on an optimistic note that looks to a brighter future.
This work was premiered at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, in April 2002.


Jazz Band

Directed by: Mr. Kris S. DeMoura


Real Loud First Note Blues

  • by Tom Kubis


  • by Sammy Nestico

Coconut Champagne

  • by Denis Diblasio
  • Arranged by Victor Lopez



Alto 1

Jason Fan

Alto 2

Kalvin Richard
Johnathan Rossignol

Tenor 1

Brandon Azuike

Tenor 2

Creighton DeMoura


Oliver Wessels


Trombone 1

James Curtis

Trombone 2

Lauren Connolly

Trombone 3

Olivia Smith

Trombone 4

Joslyn Wright


Trumpet 1

Alex Rittberg

Trumpet 2

Jack Flannery

Trumpet 3

Jon Pack

Trumpet 4

Charlie Kovaleski

Rhythm Section


Thaddeus Derby


Tyler Marble
Matt Root


Claire Wittmier


Santino Mei
Alex Wood


Mya Hamilton


Winter Color Guard: “Looking Back”


  • Grace Brandes
  • Jenna Brotosky
  • Olivea Carrigan
  • Niev Collins
  • Sama Coulson
  • Elayna Ferrick
  • Izzy Gage-Redkey
  • Hiley Graham
  • Catie Henry
  • Ryan Maloney
  • Madisyn McDonald
  • Avary Smith
  • Victoria Vallee
  • Autumn Voyer


  • Ms. Alicia Ferrick
  • Mrs. Alycia Linnehan
  • Mrs. Patti O’Keefe
  • Mr. Michael Pence


Winter Percussion: “Godzilla”



  • Dawson Cinclair
  • Creighton DeMoura
  • Kielyn DeMoura
  • Camren Hines
  • Charlie Kovaleski
  • Ryan Leclair
  • Tyler Marble
  • Nola Patty
  • Santino Mei
  • David Rousso
  • Emma Sherman
  • Gabriel Thrailkill
  • Luke Vassallo

Front Ensemble

  • Madyson Aubin
  • Thaddeus Derby
  • Noah Gonynor
  • Emmy Graham
  • Mya Hamilton
  • Olivia Kuehl
  • Ryan Mayne
  • Alliyah Root
  • Sam Russo
  • Thomas Therriault
  • Maddie Vassallo
  • Anna Velardi
  • June Whittall


  • Ms. Bridget Ambers
  • Mr. Andrew Armstrong
  • Mr. Dillon Brotosky
  • Mr. Justin DeJoy
  • Mr. Jamie Fortier
  • Mr. Harry Jette
  • Mr. TJ Kelly
  • Mr. Jason Thrailkill