Curriculum & Music

The Tech Class will follow a set curriculum, broken up into 4 sections, each a few weeks long.

A sample daily agenda

  • 5:45 – Students arrive
  • 6:00 – Standard warm-up exercises
  • 6:30 – Main lesson
  • 7:30 – Reading & vocabulary
  • 8:00 – Students clean up & depart


This curriculum is designed for beginners and students on a new instrument. It covers marching percussion basics.

Stroke Types

Teaching and isolating the 4 stroke types in percussion: full, down, tap, and up.

Check Patterns & Ex. #4

Learn note and rest values and multiple-note/one-hand beat patterns.

Accent/Tap & Exercise #8

Introduce and practice 2-height (2-volume) playing with accents and taps.

Exercises #9 & 10

Staggered accent exercises to practice syncopation: separating pulse from accents.


This curriculum will challenge players to expand their comfort zones and master new skills.

Paradiddles & Para-diddle-diddles

Common rudimental paradiddle figures with variations.

Duple Rolls

5, 6, and 9-stroke duple rolls with single-note checks and 2 heights.

Triplet Rolls

Tap-5, and 13-stroke triplet rolls with single-note checks and 2 heights.

Flam Accents

An advanced flam accent exercise to build mental and manual chops.