Pride #6 – Oct 8, 2019: Back into the Fire

Pride #6.

We have had a very productive week adding, cleaning, and refining the show.

As we move into the next stretch of the season, think about practicing the “right” stuff.

Far too often we keep working on the same patterns, parts, and sections that might be just a little off of what is correct.

For instance, the rhythm might be a dotted eighth/16th and you are playing it reversed. Or you might be using the wrong sticking. There are many ways of “practicing mistakes.”

Go back through your music and drill to see where you might be incorrect. Hopefully you remembered after a very productive Saturday to put the visual counts into your dot book.

As we approach this weekend, keep focused on individual improvements. Keep your dot book correct and up-to-date.

With each rep, ask yourself what three corrections you can make. If we all took care of our individual jobs, we will make marked improvements.

Continue to focus your energy and emotion towards great performances.

What each individual should be concerned with:

  • Drill Spot
  • Interval in set
  • Horn Angle
  • Timing
  • Stick Heights
  • Smile
  • Note in Chord
  • Articulations
  • Marching in time/Correct Foot
  • Dynamics
  • Taps
  • Confidence


Other Announcements

Homework Question in Google Classroom!

A question was sent out regarding the last paragraph — Answer it now!



Formal Picture Day is coming on Friday Nov 1st. All students will arrive at 3:30 to dress for the group, individual, and section shots.

Photos will be taken by our amazing Veronika Patty.  Watch email for payment/ordering instructions.


Winter Ensembles

If you are interested in either Winter Percussion or Winter Guard, please head over to the Google Classroom and fill in the google form.


Band Night

Band night is two weeks away (10/25). Encourage any friends (not already involved in the band) to attend.

If each member of the band recruited just ONE new member, our program would double in size and be over 140 members.

Do you accept the CHALLENGE?



The mattress fundraiser is right around the corner. Please encourage family, friends, neighbors, etc. to come by and check out the mattresses.

This is our first time trying this fundraiser out, and we could potentially make a lot of money to help offset costs for NEW uniforms!