Pride #5 – Oct 1, 2019: Two Weeks to Get Better

Pride #5.

Leaving the field on Saturday afternoon was very unsettling. Many of us in the program did not feel that was out best performance. Was that our best effort?

What contributes to a “bad” performance?

Was it the sun? Was it the wind? Was is that the staff didn’t work you hard enough for only a 3 1⁄2 hour rehearsal in the morning?

Obviously there are many questions to be asked about last week. Regardless of all the questions, we can’t go back and fix what we did (or didn’t do).

We must move on and get better.

We are at a time in the season where we can make HUGE improvements. Two weeks until our next competition, means two weeks to refine.

We are in the last five weeks of the competition season. There is not much time left. On November 3rd we will compete for the last time.

How will the next few weeks look? The questions asked in the PRIDE today should make you think.

Remember, “The band is only as good as its weakest member.” Show everyone that YOU are the best member of the band this week.


Other Announcements

Homework Question in Google Classroom!

A question was sent out regarding the last paragraph — Answer it now!


Rehearsal Time/Date Changes

Note the time and date changes in the calendar.

  • This Saturday, Oct 5 — Rehearsal Time

    We will be moving the rehearsal up 30 minutes on Saturday, October 5th to help accommodate the high school students attending the Homecoming Dance.

    If you are not attending the dance, please plan to help clean up the rehearsal that day so the students can get home and prepare.

  • Halloween Week — Rehearsal Days

    Also note the rehearsal date changes for the end of October.

    These changes are to allow for the seniors to attend the Halloween party, and for all to attend Halloween.

    As we are about five weeks out, please make the necessary adjustments to be at rehearsals, as this is the week of Finals.


Staying After School

Reminder – If you are staying after school for sectionals or homework help, you should ONLY be located in the music department area.


Band Night

Band night is three weeks away (Oct 25). Encourage any friends (not already involved in the band) to attend.

If each member of the band recruited just ONE new member, our program would double in size and be over 140 members.

Do you accept the CHALLENGE?


Winter Ensembles

If you are interested in either Winter Percussion or Winter Guard, please head over to the Google Classroom and fill in the google form.



Please remember that we are in the middle of a few fundraisers. Take care of selling the raffle tickets and Yankee Candles while you are at family events, traveling around town, etc.