Pride #4 – Sep 24, 2019: Cleaning Time

Congratulations on a stellar weekend. We were able to handle the CRAZY heat that came up quickly on us.

As a group, we finished the learning process of the show. The ensemble brought their A game to Medford and won.


Lessons from the Medford show

Think back on the feeling you had at the conclusion of the performance on Saturday. What were the immediate feelings/thoughts?

  • “I missed that step-off.”
  • “Oops, wish I had practiced that moving 16th note passage more.”
  • “What were the counts of that toss again?”

OR were they…

  • “That was my best show ever?”
  • “Can’t wait to perform this show again.”

Either way, we only have five more competitions. FIVE. After all the hard work we have put in so far this season, we need to find another gear for our work ethic.

Learning can be hard. Cleaning is much harder.

We need to break bad habits. Let’s start with the bad habit of poor rehearsal technique. Keep the talking in the field to a minimum. Check your music and drill to see that you are correct.

There is so much we can do individually to make the entire ensemble better.

Check Google Classroom!

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